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My experiences as a girl gamer

For years I think I’ve been the exception to the rule: my experience as a girl gamer was not negative. Or at least I hadn’t received any more abuse or negativity than my guy friends.

However, recently I’ve started to notice that a mainstream video game chain have been treating me very differently to the guys they serve.

I hadn’t shopped in store for a while so I first noticed it a few months ago when me and my boyfriend went to browse. The staff there (mostly male, although not all) would come over to chat, but look right past me and just talk to my boyfriend. I’d even reply and ask questions but I’d just receive an odd sort of look and a polite reply before he turned back to nerd out with the guy with me.

Now this didn’t bother me too much. I just assumed the staff member was a little too into stereotypes and let it go.
It didn’t stop there though, the same thing happened time and time again with different staff and when I went in alone, I received rude and curt replies and no one wanted to chat like they had with my boyfriend. I don’t think I look like the stereotypical nerdy gamer, but really this should have no bearing and who decided what a gamer looks like?

Last night I went to the midnight launch of Destiny. Same treatment. They assumed i was only there with a guy, suggested i wouldn’t want a copy of the game and then lost my order (this may not have been related, but I was the only person it happened to).

I was the only girl at this launch and if this is the way they treat their female customers, who is really surprised! Perhaps they should really be encouraging girls like me, not alienating them.

Rant over :)

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